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28 mars

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Students originating from a first year of Master in the area of Biochemistry, Biotechnology or Structural Biology are invited to apply.

Some previous training in one or more of the following domains is strongly encouraged:
  • Integrative structural biology
  • Membrane biochemistry and Enzymology
  • Structural analysis of small molecules and Metabolomics
  • Molecular Modeling

Internships don’t have imposed subjects, they can cover any area: Structure (obviously!), Molecular Biology, Cancerology, Pharmacology, Biophysics, ... As soon as they have been approved by the pedagogic team.

A list of internships is proposed on the Master’s website. However, this list is not exclusive and students are free to find and propose internship (in France or abroad).

Candidates recruitment

Admission to this master degree is subjected to the examination of the application file by the teaching staff and to an interview. The number of places is limited.
The criteria that matter to us are the academic results but also the motivation and personality of applicants

Helpful hints:
  • Before applying, discuss with alumni (students of the previous years), their details are on the website.
  • No self-censorship ...


Candidates are invited to apply through the "eCandidat" website of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier University (, or through the "Etudes en France" website (

Important information : the Master program will be renamed in september 2022
" Biomolecular Sciences : Mechanisms & Therapeutic Targets" (BSMTT)",
so you might have to search for this program.

Last updated November 12, 2021

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