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18 janv.

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Internship Current Year: 2021-2022

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Subject Country Assigned
Master Training/Internship in Mass Spectrometry-Based Structural Proteomics Switzerland  
Effect of mutations in WASp and MKL1 on the actin cytoskeleton of immune cells and will focus on Natural Killer cells and Cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Sweden  
Microfluidic study of bacterial communications in porous media France  
Extraction, identification et caractérisations de molécules issues de plantes médicinalesauvergnate possédant un potentiel antivirale France  
Extraction/purification /caractérisation et synthèse de composés originaux, analogues de métabolites naturels issus de la propolis : Application pour le cancer de la prostate France  
Synthèse de molécules antagonistes ciblant le récepteur TRPA1 impliqué dans la modulation de la douleur de type migraineuse. France  
Recherche de ligands de récepteurs nucléaires de nématode parasites, impliqués dans la résistance aux anti-infectieux. France  
Préparation de complexes RXR/RAR-origami d’ADN et caractérisation structurale par microscopie électronique France  
Structural and functional study of Biomphalysins, pore-forming toxins expressed in Biomphalaria glabrata: biochemical, biophysical and structural characterisation France  
Etude des Interactions de neurotoxines sur leurs récepteurs par Microscopie à Force Atomique France  
Etude de la régulation de la toxinogénèse chez Fusarium graminearum et Aspergillus carbonarius par les stilbènes : approche métabolomique France  
Optimisations et analyses d’interactions plantes-microorganismes par imagerie couplée à la spectrométrie de masse. France  
COCA-COLI: Glycolytic control of acetate overflow in Escherichia coli. France  
Clinical proteomics strategies for the detection of predictive biomarkers of the Great Obstetrical Syndromes Canada  
Structural and functional analysis of VAR2CSA adhesive properties in the context of pregnancy associated malaria France  
Caractérisation des agrégats de tau impliqués dans la maladie d’Alzheimer France  
Caractérisation du contenu en ARNs des vésicules extracellulaires microgliales dans le syndrome de Sanfilipo France  
Structural characterization of the auto-inhibited form of JIP3/4 adaptors France  
Biocompatibility and efficacy of therapeutic nanogels intended to osteoarthritic joints Canada  
Etudes séquence-structure-fonction d’hydroxylases membranaires pour la productiond’acides gras à haute valeur ajoutés France  
Cross-seeding at a molecular level: can amyloids breed? France  
Biodiscovery of new antibiotics through the heterologous expression of entire fungal biosyntheticgene clusters (BGCs) in genetically tractable hosts Luxembourg  
Production and quantification of betalains using Hylocereus spp. plants and cell cultures Luxembourg  
Absolute quantification of biomarker proteins using a cutting edge LC-MS platform France  
Structure-function relationships and inhibition of enzymes involved in mycolic acid biosynthesis France  
Ultrastructure expansion microscopy (U-ExM) to reveal the organization of the septin scaffold in cell division Germany  
Miniaturizatin of lipidomic profiling by UHPLC/SFC-MS/MS France  
In vivo and in vitro characterization of a native bacterial microcompartment system in Escherichia coli. France  
Integrated analyses of NMR spectra to model the feto-maternal crosstalk at the end of gestation in pigs France  
Characterization of methanol chimeric transcriptional regulators for synthetic methylotrophy in E. coli France  
Membrane-lipid therapy: Identification and characterization of new anti-HIV compounds France  
Characterization of novel partners of the RHOB GTPase in response to EGFR inhibitors France  
Characterization of the outer membrane (the mycomembrane) of Mycobacteria:Biochemical, biophysical and structural studies France  
Towards the discovery and characterization of protein partners from Fatty Acid Synthase-II complex, an antituberculous therapeutic target. France  
Le déchiffrage de la structure et des interactions entre une protéine accessoire du SARS-CoV-2, et la E-Cadherine. France  
Study and comparison of ivermectin metabolism and bioavailability in drug-sensitive and drug-resistant strains of the nematode model Caenorhabditis elegans France  
Functional studies of the nuclear hormone receptor NHR-8, a new therapeutic target against nematode parasites France  
Organisation of the RNase J complex in Staphylococcus aureus France  
Structural basis of the addiction of toxin-antitoxin systems to molecular chaperones France  
Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis binding site on the C-type lectinDectin-1 France  
Identification of cytosolic or nuclear protein ligands of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipids in macrophages France  
Etude de la sensibilité des plantes aux toxines nécrosantes France  
Mécanismes de formation de signalosomes bactériens impliqués dans les processus de mort cellulaire programmée France  
Decoding Mitochondrial Protein Import Signals in Health and Diseases France  
Study of the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation involved in gene reprogrammingduring heart failure France  
Characterization of allergen transport across the intestinal barrier France  
Characterization of a novel pathway regulating the skeletal muscle massusing proteomic approaches France  

  Switzerland Yes

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